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For 15 Years in 2024!

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From Buffalo to Syracuse and beyond, ACES has designed and built thousands of geothermal and solar PV systems across the state.
Here are a few pictures from our favorites!

Finger Lakes renewable energy installations

Residential geo REPLACEMENT

Have an existing geothermal system at the end of its life you would like to replace? We can help you out with that too! Utilize your existing loop or convert an open loop to a closed loop! Our engineering team can put together a plan to ensure your home's comfort is maintained and you benefit from all the newest features of our WaterFurnace Geothermal Heat Pumps! 

Pictured here is an old WaterFurnace geothermal system swap from the early 90s!

Residential geo REtrofits

About 75% of the work we do is in retrofitting homes with existing gas, propane, electric or fuel oil furnaces to a geothermal heat pump. The end result is increased efficiency, comfort, and customer savings. 

Check out some pictures from the various geothermal installations over the years!

residential geo new construction

Installing a geothermal heat pump during the initial build of your home can result in savings from day 1. 



Located just off of Atlantic Ave sits "The Factory". The 40,000 sq ft space houses Nosh Restaurant, Stacy K Floral, Scratch Bakeshop, and other well known local establishments. In addition, it offers limited residential loft space for those lucky enough to catch a lease. This project commenced in 2017 and wrapped up in 2019. 
(31) 499' deep geothermal wells

Case Study Coming Soon!

Currently under construction...
This known complex on N Clinton Ave in the City of Rochester has housed a custom clothier. Soon, the building will be retrofitted with a Geothermal Heat Pump to condition its mixed use space including residential apartments. 

(96) 499' deep geothermal wells

Estimated Completion, Summer 2024



"The Factory"
Commercial retrofit

hickey freeman
Commercial retrofit


Solar PV

Roof Mount Solar

Many people choose to have their PV systems installed on an existing roof atop a home or garage space. Our sleek all black panels provide a modern look, and provides you the ability to be your own power producer.

Ground Mount Solar

No roof space? Funky roof lines? No problem, your solar PV system can be mounted on a racking system in your yard space. Benefits to a ground mounted solar PV system include easy access for future maintenance and expansion. 


Solar PV

Commercial Solar PV

Looking to decrease your businesses operating expenses while making a positive contribution to your community's climate goals? We can help you every step of the way.