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Customer Referral program 


Terms & Conditions: Only completed geothermal or solar pv installations will result in an incentive payment; payment will not be made until after the installation is fully installed and in operation; referrals must be new contacts only; referring party must be current customer of ACES energy; current ACES customers are not eligible to be referred; all referral incentive payments are made in full at the completion of the project; referral must be registered with ACES on ACES website before a contract is signed to be eligible for payment. For systems that fall between kW brackets, round up for .5 or higher, round down for under .5; limit one per household on which a system is installed; the referring party is responsible for any and all tax reporting and liability related to any incentive/cash payment.

Are you an existing ACES customer? Are you referring your friends and family to Go Geo or Go solar? You deserve a reward for expanding the reach of renewable energy!

Geothermal Project Referral 

Solar PV Project Referral 



Earn $200 for each customer that you refer that installs a geothermal heat pump with ACES

Earn $200 for each customer that you refer that installs a Solar PV system with ACES

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