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Geothermal Heat Pump Filter Guide

It is recommended that you replace your geothermal heat pump filter every 6 months. If you have a home filled with children and furry friends, you should consider changing your filter every 4 months. A clean filter ensures adequate air flow which optimizes your heat pump’s performance.  We’ve put together a geothermal filter guide linked below to help you identify your filter size with direct links to purchase online. 

Condensate Cleaning Guide

When your forced air geothermal heat pump is run in cooling mode, moisture from the air condenses on the cold air coil inside the unit. This moisture is collected in a pan beneath the air coil, and drains through a flexible vinyl hose in the bottom of the cabinet.  If the condensate line becomes blocked from buildup of dust and debris, it can trigger an E7 Condensate Overflow error on your thermostat. Use the guide below to clean your condensate pan annually to avoid this error.

Quick Links

Routine Maintenance  Program

If you would rather your geothermal unit be managed by our professional and certified team members, you can choose to enroll in our Routine Maintenance Program. Our Routine Maintenance Program covers cleaning your air coil, condensate tubing and condensate pump, as well as treating your condensate for microbes, ensuring flow center operations, maintaining antifreeze concentrations, and giving a general review of your system’s components. We document the data and use it in the future in the case that any service work needs to be completed. 


Customer Referral Program

Love your geothermal or solar PV system so much that you refer your friends to us? If they sign the contract, that is money in your pocket. Details below:

Geothermal Referral Bonus: $200 per customer
Solar PV Referral Bonus: $200 per customer

AWL Reconnection Instructions

Has your AWL (Aurora Web Link, Geothermal System Monitoring) disconnected? Have you changed your Wi-Fi password? Use these instructions to reconnect your AWL to the internet. 

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