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Enroll in our routine service program 

pre-Scheduled, consistent and customized care for your geothermal heat pump

- Air Coil Cleaning
- Condensate Pump & Tube Cleaning and Treatment
- Flow Center Operation Review
- Antifreeze Concentration Management
- Air Filter Swap (Filter cost not included)
- General Review of the System and Components
- 10% off future service call labor when enrolled in program

Pricing starts at $349 annually 

How it works

1. Inquire below

We will review your location, and system components to determine what your routine service scope of work includes and price. This is customized to your home's geothermal heat pump system. 

2. Determine your service window

Our routine service program participation provides you (1) routine service visit within your selected month window and 10% off all future service calls. Often times, customer's select around the change of seasons (Summer to Winter, or Winter to Summer) for the service to be completed. You select the service window month to receive your routine service call.

3. We take care of the rest

Once your service window has been selected, we will schedule your first routine maintenance appointment. Each subsequent years, our team will reach out to you leading up to your service window to schedule your appointment. 

Included Annually:

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