Finding the Best Geothermal Heat Pump Installers

As the push towards sustainable and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions intensifies, geothermal heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. If you’re considering this eco-friendly option, ensuring you hire the right geothermal heat pump installer is crucial. Here are the key qualities you should look for in a contractor to ensure you get the best geothermal system for your needs.

Geothermal Installation Experience and Expertise

Experience is crucial when choosing geothermal heat pump installers. Look for contractors who have been in the business for several years and have a proven track record. Experienced installers are equipped to support various brand of heat pump equipment, types of geothermal systems (like closed loop vs open loop!), can maintain both residential and commercial systems and have local industry trade ally relationships to support their installation business.

ACES has installed thousands of systems since 2009. Shown above are our completed geothermal installations from 2020 to 2024!

Local Geographic Knowledge and Incentive Experience

Choosing a local contractor has its advantages. Local installers have a better understanding of the local climate, soil conditions, and any regional incentives or tax credits available for the installation of your system.

Geothermal Installation Certification and Training

Make sure that your geothermal heat pump installer has attended manufacturer-specific trainings and has IGSHPA Accredited Installer certifications. Certification indicates that the installer has undergone rigorous training and adheres to the best practices in the industry.

At ACES, our team members hold IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) certifications, WaterFurnace Equipment Certifications and have professional education specific to geothermal heat pump systems.

Our team is a WaterFurnace GeoPro Master Dealer and Installer. This means we’ve been a part of the WaterFurnace installer network for 5+ years (since 2012), provide ongoing and consistent training to our team, and sell over 30 units annually (we install 100+ WaterFurnace units each year!).

While we LOVE our WaterFurnace geothermal systems, our team members are also trained to install and maintain all major manufacturers like Enertech, Climate Master, Samsung and more!

Geothermal System Design, Installation and Maintenance

A great geothermal heat pump installer should offer a full range of services, from initial consultation and design to installation and maintenance. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your geothermal system are considered, leading to better performance and satisfaction.

The ACES team is actively involved in consulting on various geothermal projects throughout the state. We partner with architectural firms to support designing systems, improving existing designs, and offer standing maintenance and service for all geothermal installations in our area. Our services extend from small residential installs, to large commercial projects. We have you covered!

Pressurized flow center system supporting the Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union’s Geothermal HVAC system in the city of Rochester!

Heat Pump Installation Incentives

Tax Credits, Utility Rebate Program (New York Stat Clean Heat!) & Financing

An expert installer will be knowledgeable about the various financial incentives available, such as tax credits, and utility rebate programs. They should assist you in navigating these incentives, helping you maximize your savings. Heat pump rebates can significantly reduce the upfront cost of installation, making geothermal systems more affordable.

Customers in New York can qualify for multiple incentives including a 30% Federal Tax Credit, a 25% State Tax Credit, and a Public Utility Clean Heat Rebate (averaging $6,500). Customers can access financing through a state program only available if you work with select qualified installers. ACES Energy proudly offers state program financing for those that qualify!

The Best Geothermal Equipment

Opt for installers who use the best geothermal systems and units available in the market. High-quality equipment from reputable brands ensures better efficiency, reliability, and a longer lifespan for your geothermal system. At ACES, we install WaterFurnace geothermal systems, known for their durability, efficiency, and excellent customer service compared to other brands.

Transparent Geothermal Installation Pricing and Financing Options

Transparency in pricing is crucial. A reputable contractor should provide an estimate that includes all costs associated with the installation. They should also provide flexible financing options to help you with the cost of your new heating and cooling system.

ACES Energy provides a list of all services included with your pricing. We also work with local banks, credit units and state financing to make your installation affordable!

Customers who switch from oil and propane to geothermal can save money each month. How? Their loan payment for the geothermal system and energy usage is typically lower than their old fossil fuel bill! You can save money and energy from day 1 when choosing geothermal.

Customer References and Reviews

Before making your final decision check customer references and online reviews. Feedback from previous clients can provide insights into the installer’s reliability, professionalism, and quality of work. Aim to hire contractors who consistently receive positive reviews and testimonials.

See our reviews here!

Additional Services

Some contractors offer additional services such as geothermal DIY support and fuel tank removal. If you’re considering a DIY approach to the installation or need specialized services like removing an old fuel tank, ensure your contractor can support these needs!

A propane tank removal during a horizontal loopfield dig by our team!

Picking the right installer for your geothermal heat pump is crucial to ensuring an efficient heat pump system. Look for contractors with extensive experience, local knowledge, proper certification, and a comprehensive service offering. Don’t forget to take advantage of available financial incentives and opt for high-quality equipment. By prioritizing these qualities, you can confidently make the switch to a sustainable and cost-effective geothermal system.

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