Geothermal Hot Water Systems

Geothermal heat pumps are a game-changer in the world of heating and cooling, but their capabilities go beyond just keeping your home comfortable. They also offer efficient and sustainable solutions for providing hot water. From domestic hot water systems to radiant floor heating and pool heating, geothermal heat pumps deliver impressive versatility. Let’s explore the hot water capabilities of geothermal heat pumps and how they work.

Geothermal Domestic Hot Water Systems

Geothermal domestic hot water systems utilize the earth’s stable temperatures to heat water for daily use. A geothermal heat pump loop circulates a water-based solution through underground pipes, absorbing heat from the ground. This heat is then transferred to your geothermal heat pump unit and elevated to a higher temperature using a refrigeration cycle.

Geothermal hot water systems can utilize two different types of equipment:

Desuperheater: A desuperheater is an accessory component that is available as an add-on to the geothermal systems we install. The desuperheater functions by repurposing waste heat that the geothermal unit may have sent back into the earth to pre-heat your domestic hot water.

Water to Water Geothermal Unit: A water to water geothermal system is similar to a boiler in that it elevates the temperature of water for use in radiant heating systems, domestic hot water or pool heating applications. Water to water geothermal units can also be used to produce your domestic hot water. The difference between a boiler and a geothermal system is that a traditional fossil fuel boiler burns combustible fuels to create heat, while a geothermal system utilizes the stable temperature underground to create heat through a refrigeration cycle.

To learn more about how geothermal systems elevate 50 degree underground temperatures, to temperatures warm enough to heat your home and water, check out this blog article!

Geothermal Desuperheater

One of the standout features of geothermal heat pumps is the desuperheater. This device captures excess heat generated during heating and cooling cycles and uses it to pre heat your domestic hot water. This process is highly efficient as it makes use of waste heat that would otherwise be lost.

  • How It Works: While a geothermal heat pump is turned on and operating, excess heat is created through the refrigeration process. The desuperheater captures some of this heat and transfers it to your water heater, providing free or low-cost water heating. It is important to note that this is supplemental to your domestic hot water system, as a desuperheater cannot meet all of your domestic hot water needs.
  • Benefits: Reduced energy bills and increased efficiency.

Geothermal Radiant Systems

PEX Tubing for Radiant Heated Floors
Radiant Geothermal System in a Private Airplane Hangar

Geothermal radiant floor heating is an excellent way to use geothermal heat to keep your home warm and comfortable. In this system, heated water circulates through pipes embedded in your floors, providing a stable and comfortable heat to your home. These systems utilize water to water geothermal pumps.

  • Benefits: Radiant floor heating offers an even distribution of heat without the noise or drafts of traditional forced-air systems.

Geothermal Units with Fan Coils

Multi Aqua Fan Coil Unit
Reverso Fan Coil Unit

Geothermal units with fan coils provide both heating and cooling by circulating heated or cooled water to fan coil units. These units blow air over the fan coils that circulate heated or cooled water, distributing the conditioned air throughout your home. This solution is perfect for homes that want to go geothermal without ductwork or radiant in floor heating! These systems utilize a water to water geothermal heat pump.

  • Versatility: This system allows for room-by-room temperature control and can work alongside other heating and cooling systems to optimize comfort and efficiency. If you have a home without space for ductwork, this solution can provide heated and cooled air for your rooms.

These fan coil units look similarly to the widely available Air Source Heat Pump Systems, or Mini Split systems! With the geothermal fan coil systems, you can benefit from the modular ability to heat and cool without ductwork, at 2x the efficiency of an Air Source Heat Pump!

Geothermal Pool and Spa Heating

Geothermal heat pumps can also be used to heat pools and spas! In the same way that these systems heat your domestic hot water, they can be used to provide your pool and spa with heated water. These systems use water to water geothermal heat pumps.

Finding the Best Geothermal Heat Pump

When searching for the best geothermal heat pump, consider factors such as efficiency ratings, warranty, and the reputation of geothermal heating installers. High-quality installations ensure you get the most out of your geothermal system. Check out more details on how to select a geothermal installer in this blog article!


Geothermal heat pumps offer a range of hot water solutions that enhance home comfort and efficiency. Whether it’s for domestic hot water, radiant floor heating or pool and spa heating, these systems provide versatile and sustainable options. Investing in a geothermal system not only reduces energy costs but also contributes to a greener future.

If you’re considering a geothermal system for your home, consult with experienced geothermal heating installers to find the best solution for your needs. With the right setup, you can enjoy the many benefits of geothermal heat pump hot water capabilities.

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